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The Etchingham Steam Band

Down That Way
The Etchingham Steam Band
The Guv'nor Vol. 1 & Vol. 4
Hard Times of Old England

The Etchingham Steam Band 1995 [click for larger]
FLED 3002 (1995). recorded. 1974-5

The Etchingham Steam Band
The Etchingham Steam Band
FLED 3002 (1995). recorded. 1974-5

The personnel varies on each track:
Shirley Collins, vocals; Ashley Hutchings, Tambourine, Vocals, Acoustic Bass; Ian Holder, Accordion; Dave Mattacks, Drums; Terry Potter, Mouth Organ; Mel Dean, Concertina; Will Duke, Concertina; Vic Gammon, Banjo, Concertina, Vocals, Melodeon.

All tracks Trad. arr. Etchingham Steam Band
Tracks 1-4 recorded 1975, Lenzburg Folk Festival, Switzerland
Tracks 5, 7, 14 recorded 1974, Norwich Folk Festival
Tracks 6, 10 recorded December 1975, `Nova Scotia', Bristol
Track 8 recorded October 1974, London
Track 9 recorded December 1974, Cecil Sharp House London
Tracks 11-12 recorded July 1975, Lewes Folk Festival, afternoon session
Track 13 recorded July 1975, Lewes Folk Festival, evening session

This album covers an otherwise almost-lost period of Ashley's output, with only a live track from the Lenzburg festival otherwise available at the time, plus one track on the Shirley Collins album "A Favourite Garland". More recently, a couple of other Etchinghams tracks have been included in "The Guv'nor " series, notably vol. 1 and vol. 4

2. Leapfrog /

11. Grandmother's Dance /
Grandfather's Dance

14. Black Joker

Shirley Collins sings on italicized tracks

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